America is...

In Need of God

America is in Need of God

Issues in America

Throughout history America has changed dramatically, but there is one thing we all can agree on is that we want to achieve some form of peace. Meaning equality between all and no wars. The only problem is "we all have the desire to do things according to what we want, (" which is the reason why we can't see everyone equal or stop wars. Instead we all need to be "uniting under a common good, (" through God.

Historical Events

The Roaring Twenties

This may have been seen as a prosperous time for America but as many already know it didn't end like that. Because most people during that time lacked the ability to plan ahead with financial choices, it caused America to go in a massive debt.

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights is something everyone should definitely have, but if everyone saw that during this time, this movement wouldn't have even been needed. Because we didn't have an equal frame of mind it caused people to recognize this and stand against it.

Cold War

Another example of where we couldn't see a goal equally. This war may have been bloodless but that doesn't mean there wasn't conflict. Again as humans we were unable to see how our actions caused the world to create superpower countries forcing others to join whether they wanted to or not.


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The American Flag represents America as a whole and the figures are the people of America. The Cross represents God and how people need him in America, which is why it stands in the center gathering everyone's attention.

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