David Karp

By: Jessica Benavides

Who is David Karp

  • David Karp is the founder and CEO of Tumblr

History of his Life

  • He was born on July 6 1986 new York city, NY
  • He went to a Calhoun school and The Bronx school of science
  • Michael D. Karp and Barbara Ackerman brother Kevin Karp
  • He never went to school
  • He moved to Tokyo after he dropped out of highschool
  • He used to work at Urbanbaby (a message board for parents)as a chief technology officer

Net Worth

  • David Karp is worth $200 million dollars
  • Tumblr is worth $800 million dollars

What are they doing

  • They are currently not making new updates


  • His philanthropy is $250 million dollars


" Keep your friends close but your laptop charger closer"- David Karp
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