Falling into Place...

As we change seasons, we are learning more and more!

Parent Conferences are Over!

A HUGE thank you to all of the parents. For the first time ever, I had almost ZERO no-shows. I value the time to talk with you and talk about your kiddos so much. Please remember that conferences are not the only time you can talk to me, I am always available to chat.

Upcoming Field Trip to Rutiz Family Farm

We have plenty of parent chaperones... Woo Hoo!! Our field trip is on Wednesday, October 28th. From what I understand, the kids will get to take home a small pumpkin free of cost as well as munch on several fruits and veggies... how cool is that?! Please make sure you turn in the permission slip. If you need another, send a note in the bobcat folder or message me.

Wanted: Pumpkins!

Parents! As you make your trips to the pumpkin patch... would you consider donating a pumpkin to our class? On the 30th, I'd like to do an activity where we get the goop out of the pumpkins, separate the seeds, roast them and eat them! Tying in some science, math, and digestion... :-) Pumpkins of any size will do, just big enough to be able to scoop the goop out. THANK YOU! [You may bring them in as you get them]


Thursday, Oct. 15th, 6-8pm

Dorothea Lange Elementary School

A fun night to learn about ways we find reading in many contexts (games, jobs, etc.). Message PTO if you'd like to help out!

PTO Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 3:30pm

Dorothea Lange Library

Come to the PTO meeting. Find out ways to get involved at our school and help make decisions about various school topics!