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Climate Change is Happening in Colorado! By: Avery Bailey

How do we know climate change is happening Colorado?

I think that we would know is the climate is changing by the warmer summers we have and less rains. It will affect us by, more wildfires and more droughts.


What evidence do I have fro this? Well, I have 5 different graphs and 1 set of glacier pictures. So, first off the snow pack graph. In this graph we have temperature, snow water equivalent, and time. Each time the temperature went up during time, the snow water equivalent was decreasing, which is a sign of climate change. Then, We have the Annual Precipitation in Colorado, we have precipitation and time in this one. The trend in this one is that it spikes up during a certain year, then stay pretty leveled out. Like, in Steamboat Springs, in the late 2000s, it was at it's highest precipitation rate. Now, we have the annual temperatures in Colorado, we have temperature and time for this one. The several graphs in this one increase in temperature. Also, the wildfires graphs. In this graph, whenever the temperature would go up, the wildfire average would go up. There was also a high spring runoff whenever there was a high wildfire frequency. Then, the pictures. The Arapaho Glacier has retreated 30 meters over the past 102 years! That is a big indication of climate change. Lastly, the bird latitude range, most birds have been going away ever since the warming of our state. I know this because every time the temperature went up in this graph, the more birds flew elsewhere.

Why should we care?

Now your probably wondering why we should care about this. Well, you should care about this because Colorado is a beautiful state! We want to keep it that way, and also keep the natural wonders like the Arapaho Glacier that makes Colorado so unique! I think that if Global Warming keeps going on, we will have more wildfires, more birds will fly away, we might have more droughts, and the Arapaho Glacier could be at risk fro not being her anymore.

About Me

This was by Avery Bailey, a science student in Mr, Summers 7th grade class