Pet Rescue

When I Was Young

All of the Pets I've Had

My mom did a pet rescue when I was young, we had lots of animals. In all, there were about 20 dogs, some of them I really liked, but most of them were horrible. I didn’t only have dogs, I also had cats, about 7, I don’t like cats, but I can stand them. I’ve also had 2 hedgehogs, the first one was very playful, but it gave my mom and brother ringworm. Chinchillas are really fun, I’ve had 3, they’re very energetic and can run all day. Birds are fun to watch but after a while they become very annoying. I know because I’ve had about 10 of them, mostly canaries and finches. I liked doing the animal rescue, it takes a lot of space though.

My Favorite Pets

I've had many pets but these are my favorite. Mad dog was my first cat, my mom got him before i was born, he was very crazy, even though he lived for 18 years. Champ was a golden retriever, he was very well trained but when there were other dogs around, he would go crazy, once we caught him eating a groundhog. Keisha was a husky, she was trained as a service dog, instead of us walking her, she would walk us and bring us where we were going. Bill was my bloodhound, he was very strong, one day i was playing soccer with my brother and he wanted the ball, he was tied to a telephone pole, and he ran after the ball when it went past him, he wanted it so bad that he snapped the pole in half and still kept playing. I didn’t like getting rid of them. Now I have Marley, he’s a cairn terrier, he’s very playful.


Champ was my favorite dog that I've had. He was good at catching animals and bringing them in the house. He was very active and loved going on walks.

My Least Favorite Pets

I didn't like all of my pets. Sunshine was a chihuahua, it was really mean, hid from everyone, and bit people. Lucky was a Jack Russell mix and whenever he got scared he’d roll on his back and pee, we had to wash him everyday. Kelly-Mae was a pot bellied pig, she liked most people, except my grandma, whenever she saw her she would run at her, headbutt her and bite her. Jerry was a hedgehog, he was really playful, but he gave my mom and my brother ringworm, the needles on them actually don’t hurt as bad as people make them sound. I had a group of dogs, about ten, I got them from a dog mill, they smelled horrible and would always try to get loose. I was happy when we got rid of them all.