A Country of Culture

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India's Flag

  • India's flag came from Gandhi, however, the flag was designed by Pingali Venkaya
  • spinning wheel in the middle symbolizes Gandhi's goal of having Indians being dependent on their selves for making their own clothing
  • color orange: courage and sacrifice
  • color white: peace and truth
  • color green: fath and respectful chivalry

Importance of India

India is th epace to go for exporting goods, the graph below shows the top imports from India from 2013-2014:
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Religion plays a big part in India,

  • Many schools practice religion during the day, students meditate, pray, and learn about religion.
  • The main religion in India is Hinduism
  • Hinduism focuses on your Karma (what goes around comes back around), your Dharma (you fulfill your responsibilties), and your Samsara (a cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth). God, in Hinduism is Brahman, "the supreme spirit"
  • Goal of Hinduism is your soul or spirit should become indentical to Brahman's

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