Life Band!

By Sara Baker


The Life Band will help you with the following:

  • Nutrients: This watch will supply your body with the necessary nutrients your body needs to survive.
  • Sleep:It regulates and tracks your sleeping pattern and the amount you sleep
  • Atmospheric Pressure:It helps you keep a constant atmospheric pressure
  • The life band will send stimulates to your body to keep it working, but when you fall asleep this function turns off so it won't wake you up.
  • Oxygen: It regulates the oxygen intake and if you are somewhere that you can't breathe, it turns carbon dioxide into oxygen for you.
  • Water: It will tell you when you need to drink more water. It will tell you if you are drinking enough or if you are dehydrated.
  • Ingestion: It makes sure your body ingests your food
  • Reaction: It will track your bodies reaction times and makes sure that you respond right.
  • The Life Band will not hinder:
  • Reproductive System:It doesn't hinder the reproductive system.
  • Growth: The life band helps stimulate growth and tracks your progress.
  • Boundaries: It allows your body to sweat
  • Waste: It doesn't effect your body eliminating waste.

How does the Life Band work?

The life band tracks the main 8 necessary life functions that the body needs. Nutrients,sleep,oxygen,water, atmospheric pressure, reproductive system, growth and protects the boundaries.
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The Life Band tell you how high or low your:

  • blood sugar
  • heart rate
  • Blood pressure

Negative feedback system: Blood Sugar Regulation

The Life Band will send an alarm when your blood sugar gets too high or too low.

Affector: Digestive system

Effector: the pancreas gives out the necessary amount of glucose needed in the body.

Stimulous:the release of glucose(sugar)