Torn Thread

By: Anne Isaacs


In the year of 1943 Nazis have taken the Polish town of Bedizen. A girl twelve years old named Eva is with her father and her sister. But that is soon to change. They have been forced to move out of their home and to be taken to the Jewish ghetto. Then unexpectedly Eva's family is torn apart her sister was taking to Czechoslovakia a Nazi work camp. Eva is then forced to spin thread on dangerous equipment to make things for the Germans. She is struggling just to get through the day for her and her sick sister. This is based on a true story of two teens and their struggle to find family and go through so much inhumanity.


The theme of this book is love. The theme is love because Eva and Rachel's bond for love is keeping the both alive. Like when Eva is giving Rachel portions of her bread so she will stay alive and their fathers quote kept them going kept them alive just one more day.

Some Camps in Czechoslovakia


In this article I have found.. There where three categories of camps in Czechoslovakia war prisoner camps, forced labor camps, and correctional boot camps. They had a code project named T 43 and they where extracting uranium. These places where called Voina 1 and Vonia 2. It says that there was approximately 200 camps in Czechoslovakia. In all it tells about how many people where in camps what happened and what they had to do and the kinds of camps they had.


This website article related to my book because the girls I read about had to work at a camp in Czechoslovakia and it was a forced labor camp. They had to work on machines to make uniforms and supplies. For example on how this relates he showed that only Germans where in charge. He explains how they lived in barracks. Finally he showed how they where treated and what they had to sleep on and drink.