Ship's Log

Week of January 28, 2019


Stella, Denise, Miranda and I went to a training on Restorative Practices Monday. It was a lot of information in a short amount of time and it kept coming back to relationships.
I wish you all could have gone with us.

  • Kids want/need to feel heard
  • Kids want teachers who smile and are happy (the same that adults want from bosses)
  • How do your students know you love your job?
  • Teach every child the way you would want your own child/grandchild taught
  • Be what you want to see
  • Kids need to leave your class feeling better than when they arrived

We will be happy to share all of our learning and resources with you over the next few weeks!

Reclaiming our Calling

A quote from one of my new favorite books:

"It's perfectly natural for passionate people to disagree on what's best for kids. In these moments, it can be tempting to shut your classroom door and go about your business. There's no easy answer when two (or more) passionate people disagree, but I offer some cautionary encouragement: The learners you serve, as well as the instructional goals you have for them, are different from the learners and goals I'm working with in my classroom or school. This understanding is vital. It doesn't make either one of us right or wrong; instead, it's an opportunity for learner-driven dialogue.

When entering into these dialogues, we need to be careful the approach we're advocating for is really about the students in front of us TODAY and not the students we had when we first started teaching. We also need to be sure we're not projecting our own comfort levels, interests, and aspirations on students."

I share this quote as I know we all have disagreements with each other once in a while. We need to remember that we are all doing what we think is right for our students. They are ALL of our students and we are just very passionate about the ones in front of us. I urge you to TALK to each other and see things from another person's perspective. We're all great at what we do and we all have those students/grades that we do our best with.

We are in the middle of the most stressful part of the school year, Please remember to listen & support one another. We're half way there! Keep up the great work :)

This WEEK:

BUS DUTY: Ally Plante Please sign up for the next couple of months PLEASE-

Monday- (Day 92) Bobbie, Stella, Denise, Miranda out- Val, Carrie, Leah covering!

Choir 8:30, School Mass 9:00

Tuesday (Day 93) (Bobbie in late)

MAP Make ups

Cook Kids Banking

Wednesday (Day 94) *Super Bowl Out of Dress Day*

Geography Bee 1:00 All are Welcome

Pasta Supper!

Thursday (Day 95)

Friday (Day 96)

Saturday- Basketball Games- Grade 3/4 Playoffs/Championship!

Happy Birthday

Sunday- Nicoletta Shanley, 1/2 bday Veronica Gallegos


Tuesday- Amari Colon, 1/2 bday Gabriel Nasciemento




Saturday- 1/2 bday Jack Stone

Before // After School Activities:

Monday- Choir 8:30, Basketball (McNally 3-4), (Centeno 5-6)

Tuesday- BOK 4-8, Photography Club, Comp. Science Club, Girls 7-8, Boys 7-8

Wednesday- Ski Club, Book Club, Cooking Club, Mindful Movement, (Caskins 3-4)

Thursday- BOK K-3, Lego Club, Drama

Friday- Basketball girls 7-8 and boys 7-8

After School Clubs January 7- February 15

To Do List:

  • Send your GOOD NEWS postcards home to students... more in the office!
  • Stop by the office and ask for your PRIZE!! Thanks for reading :)
  • UPDATE Option C by Monday each week
  • Enter input for NEASC Standards
  • make a connection with a student TODAY!

Global Play Day

Soooo... here's another 'crazy' idea for our next early release day on February 6th-

We can participate in the Global Play Day

Imagine a morning where students just get to PLAY... they can bring toys from home and we just give them the time and space they need to play for a few hours. Check out the link above for more information and let me know what you think!

It will look different in each of your classrooms but ALL of our students can enjoy a morning of play (without electronics)....

Good News Call of the Day

Don't forget to make your PAWSitive Referrals! We're almost half way through the year so we need to TRIPLE or efforts... try to suggest a couple each week!

Teach Like A Pirate!

It's all about preheating the grill and 'hooking' students...

I encourage you to TRY a hook this week! Bring in a prop, add some music, change the scenery- do something different and surprising to engage your class!!!

This week: All the World is a Stage- try one of these hooks this week --

The Interior Design Hook, The Board Message Hook, The Costume Hook (I'd love to see this one!!! ) The Props Hook or the Mystery Bag Hook!!! P 107-115).

Let me know if you use any of these hooks so we can share with colleagues!

EdCamp NQ March 16

Here's another EdCamp opportunity in Orange MA. Alissa and I attended last year. Who will join us?

Upcoming Events:

1/28 School Mass 9:00

1/30 Geography Bee 1:00 (gr 4-8)

1/30 Pasta Supper 5:00-7:00 **Get your tickets this week!!!**

2/3 Super Bowl Sunday

2/4 School Mass 9:00

2/6 Early Dismissal 11:30 (Extended Open and Busses running)

2/11 School Mass 9:00

2/13 PTO Out of Dress

2/13 Spelling Bee 1:00 (gr 4-8)

2/13 PTO Meeting 6:00

2/14 THINK KIND assembly 9:30

2/14 Valentine Celebrations

2/18-2/24 Winter Vacation

3/1 Middle School Dance at St. Leo's

3/2 Read Across America Day/Dr Seuss Birthday

PLC/Faculty Meetings: ** We need hosts for these meetings! Thanks **

February 4-

February 6- early release- ALL staff work on NEASC

February 11-

February 25-