FAC Weekly Newsletter

Dec. 14th-18th

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News for the Week

We are on the letter Pp this week. Don't forget to bring in your sharing item. We will also be continuing to talk about Holiday Traditions.

Upcoming Events

Dec 15

Honor Choir Performs @ the Village of Fairview The Fountain 5:00pm

Dec 18

End of Q2

Mav Fan Jam 8:15pm MFJ RSVP

Mav Dad Lunches

Classroom Holiday Parties Party RSVP

Holiday Break~ Dec 21st-Jan 4th

Holiday Parties

***FAC Students will be attending the Holiday parties in their inclusion classrooms.

Friday, December 18th will be a busy day at McGowen! We welcome you to attend as we celebrate your children and enjoy a little time together as a campus together.

December Mav Fan Jam is at 8:15am

Here is our holiday class party schedule:

Kinder 11:45-12:45

1st grade 1:15-2:15

2nd grade 1:30-2:30

3rd grade 1:30-2:30

4th grade 11:30-12:30

5th grade 12:20-1:20

In preparation for these events, we want to remind you of our check-in procedures. For the safety and security of all McGowen students, all visitors entering the building must present photo identification upon check-in.

To help speed up the check in process, we are offering on opportunity to RSVP ahead of time so we can have your badge pre-printed. Please keep in mind, we can only pre-print your badge if you have previously been scanned into our Hall Pass system this school year.

Mav Fan Jam RSVP

Holiday Party RSVP