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Week of November 6, 2017


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We are starting our 3rd six weeks!!! We know that time is crucial.

  • We have set our expectations, have built positive relationship with our students, and have identified the needs that our students have.
  • Last week we began our collaboration during our data meeting to ensure that we have a very good understanding about the TEKS that our students need to master by the end of a specific time.
  • We have worked together creating exemplars to know the level of expectation that we have for our kids and
  • We know that we have the need to strengthen our focus as we are spending time looking at the alignment to the TEKS, ensuring alignment to end of the year assessments.

This week's message comes from "Never Work Harder than your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching" by Robyn Jackson.

  • "Master teachers use their time differently than other teachers. They spend more time planning than teaching, and on asking students questions rather than talking themselves.

  • Master teachers spend more time designing quality assignments and assessments than they do creating volumes of work for their students and themselves.

  • Master teachers know that it is not the amount of work that is important; it is the quality of the work that matters. As a result, they don't waste time on assignments or activities that will not effectively move students toward mastery. Master teachers understand that knowing what to stop doing is just as important as knowing what to do.

  • Master teachers are strategic about what they teach and how they teach it. They understand that it is the quality, not the quantity of learning experiences that matter.

  • Master teachers first determine what students absolutely need to know and how well they need to know it before deciding on what learning activities they will use to help students master the objectives. "

As we have about five academic weeks before our students take their ACPs, let's make sure that we continue to prepare our students and be laser-focused on those high leverage TEKS that will support our students be successful in meeting their grade level goals.

This week's planning review by the leadership team will focus on reviewing the alignment of the LO and DOL, we will look at the actual DOL, and the level of rigor as compared to the STAAR. In classroom visits, we will be looking for teachers implementing aggressively monitoring and using "show call" during instruction.


  • Ms. Galvan for her support and organization as she worked on getting all the badges printed, sorted and distributed to all of our students.
  • Ms. Brunson for her leadership as she has agreed to be our new SEL Champion.
  • Everyone for the flexibility and support during CA testing. We were able to make adjustments and we know that our testing plan is solid; this will support our execution of ACP and STAAR plans.
  • Ms. Baker and Ms. Brunson for collaborating and joining efforts to partner 6th and 8th graders as mentor / mentee. We know that this will continue to build leadership skills with our 8th graders and support our 6th graders as they continue to adjust to middle school and add to their responsibilities.
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Based on the feedback received, for the last few years, our students have not had the opportunity to engage in a pep rally or had a homecoming court. Under Coach Addison's leadership, our students ran, nominated, voted, and selected the Rusk MS Homecoming Court. Also, to provide support for our football students and send them pumped up to their last game, our band and cheerleaders came together in our pep rally. The energy and positive attitude filled the auditorium. Shout out to Coach Addison, Mr. McCann, Mr. Alarcon and Ms. Buchannon for their leadership and support as the band and cheerleaders sounded awesome. Also, congratulations to our coaching staff, DeLeon, Kelly, Harris, Willis, Crawford, and James for a great season.

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ChatterHigh’s America’s Most Informed School Competition!

Our students won $300 dollars by taking classes on colleges in class. Every day they had to answer 10 questions about a college in order to receive credit. Because we earned over 300,000 points we received this money. Shout out to our AVID students! They will use the funds for a field trip.


Monday, November 6-
  • Secondary Campuses begin technology inventory. See more details below
  • 7th Grade Science Data Meeting
  • 8th Grade Social Studies Data Meeting
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 6th Grade (Math, SS, Science), and 7th / 8th Grade RLA
  • 4:40 Grade level meeting- Progress Monitoring Collaboration
  • 6:00 p.m. Soccer Game Vs Carey At Loos Stadium
  • 6:00 p.m girls basketball Vs Greiner at Greiner (B team) & 7pm (A team).

Tuesday, October 7-

  • Ms Stokes visit to collaborate with RLA and support literacy plan implementation.
  • 6th Grade Science Data Meeting
  • 6th Grade Social Studies Data Meeting
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 7th Grade (Math, SS, Science)
  • 1:30 - 3:00 RLA observations at Edison.
  • 4:25 p.m after school tutoring

Wednesday, November 8-

  • 6th Grade Social Studies Data Meeting
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 8th Grade (Math, SS, Science), and 7th / 8th Grade RLA
  • 4:25 p.m. After school

Thursday, November 9

  • 4:25 p.m. After school
  • 5:00 Lesson Plans Due
  • 6:00 p.m boys basketball Vs Greiner at Greiner at (B team) & 7pm (A team).

Friday, November 10-

  • Report cards printed - Ms. Reyes

Saturday, November 11 -

  • Writing Academy II At Hernandez - 7th Grade writing teacher, Ms. Davis, and Ms. Wells.

Upcoming Events

Monday, November 13

  • 2nd six weeks report cards issued
  • Attendance for Credit Meeting - Grade Level chairs and selected members

Thursday, November 16

  • Thanksgiving Feast during lunches - Office Staff and Ms. Brown

Friday, November 17

  • Annual Policy Acknowledgement Due

Saturday, November 18

  • Robotics competition - Ms. Safford

Monday, November 20 - Wednesday, November 22

  • Thanksgiving Camp - Ms. Rocha, Ms. Brown, Mr. Proctor, and Mr. Patel. Anyone else interested please let Mr. Cordoba know.

TipWeb - IT - Technology Inventory

  • Secondary Campuses begin technology inventory.
  • All Staff Members on campus will receive an email asking to complete the inventory. It will have a note similar to this "Complete Room Inventory Audit for _______" This e-mail will state the Staff Member’s name and the instruction that they have been assigned to inventory their assigned (issued) items.
  • To inventory items assigned to you, you only need to enter the asset tag on each item in the Enter Tag Number box.
  • The items prelisted on the Staff screen are those showing in TIPWeb-IT as assigned to you. Do not base your inventory on that list.
  • All technology items in your possession must be inventoried.

Should you have any questions or support, please see Ms. Saucedo in the main office.

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Discount tickets available to STARS games November to March

Hockey fans can enjoy STARS games November through March at prices up to 33 percent off. To access the offer, visit DallasSTARS.com and use the password DISD. For information, contact Ashley Castillo at (214) 387-5635 or acastillo@dallasstars.com.


We are very excited to share the joy of our staff members as they embark in a new phase of their lives.

  • Ms. Miller - newly grandmother of two beautiful twins. We know she has her hands full
  • Ms. Cooray - said, 'I do" during this weekend. We wish her the best in this new journey.