Reading Smore

September 26-30

A World of Cultures

Click this button to go to the book we will be reading this week!

Stations you must complete

1. Use the pictures that they brought in to complete a Family Pictures page of your own. Go here to get your template!

2. Use these vocabulary words from the glossary of A World of Cultures to complete the crossword puzzle found in a folder by the pencil sharpener.

3. Make a copy of this google slides presentation with photographs of different classrooms around the world. Answer the questions on each slide in the comment section of the presentation.

4. iReady: Set a timer for 20 minutes. Login to iReady Reading through Clever.

Have just a few minutes? Get done a little early? Keep yourself busy by choosing one of the following activities.

Speed Ninja Activity: For when you've completed EVERYTHING above!