MVSD Family Engagement Newsletter

November 2021


The month of November is associated with the holiday of Thanksgiving. Traditionally, it commemorates the coming of the pilgrims to America. With our current situation of a pandemic, it is time to reflect and show gratitude for our blessings. Showing gratitude will in turn help us physically and emotionally become stronger individuals. Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness also builds resiliency and helps us cope with situations that arise and gives us the ability to move forward. To keep gratitude in the forefront of our daily schedule, write things down in a journal, give thanks to those around you for the everyday interactions and make gratitude a daily habit.

On behalf of the MVSD Family Engagement Team, have a safe and joyous holiday!

Vaccinations- Be informed

There will be a free webinar given by Dr. John Tannous on Saturday, November 13th.

Call the number below to sign up.


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Register for the Vaccine Clinic

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Click here if you are interested in participating in the vaccine clinic.


COVID-19 Webinar

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Mental Health Workshop

Join us for our Mental Health workshop of the month titled Social Emotional Learning. In this workshop we will learn more about the process through which children acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. We hope to see you there!
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Click here to join the meeting in English.


Click here to join the meeting in Spanish.


We invite you to join us for our upcoming CPAC meeting in which we will discuss accessing report card grades, social emotional learning and friendship. Use the link down below to join us.
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Meeting Link

Click here to join the meeting.

Vaccine Clinic 11/20/21

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Interest Form

If you would like to make an appointment, click here to fill out an interest form.

Menudo Breakfast

We invite you to join us for our annual Menudo Breakfast on Saturday, December 11 from 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. at Twin Lakes school. The tickets are now on sale at your school site.
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how to be grateful

Encourage children to express their thanks for classmates, teachers, volunteers, and school helpers with this paper bag turkey. Invite children to finish the sentence " I am thankful for..." with a name and why they are thankful for that person. Have them fold and deposit their papers in the turkey bag. Then whenever you have extra time, pull out a few papers and read the, . Later, encourage children to give their papers to the people named on them.
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"Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey" Read Aloud
Turkey Craft

Click here to access the printable Thanksgiving Turkey craft.

Social Emotional Learning

Relaxed Breathing Training, Version B

Strength: Friendship

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How to Grow a Friend Story time

Click here to watch the story time video on How to Grow a Friend.

Charlotte's Web (Full Audiobook)

Click here to listen to Charlotte's Web full audio book.

Nutrition- Holiday Dishes with a Healthy Twist!

The holiday season has arrived. It’s time to find your favorite family recipes and start cooking. While many of our favorite dishes help us to remember special times in our lives, choosing healthier options does not have to be a challenge. Add more veggies such as nopales, spinach, broccoli and bok choy to those favorite recipes. Don’t forget the lean proteins - lentils, beans, chicken and fish. Try baking instead of frying, flavor with herbs such as cilantro and rosemary vs salt, and substitute applesauce for butter in baked products. Eating turkey? Dark and white meat without the skin reduces calories. Remember a little bit of gravy goes a long way. Above all, enjoy quality time together!

Holiday Safety Tips

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