C.Newton vs. T.Brady

by: Jay.Y

Cam Newton and Tom Brady are great quarterbacks. They both are important to there teams and they are in a race to be in the number one spot to be the best quarterback in the league and Cam Newton is trying to take Toms MVP spot!

Tom Brady won 4 super bowl titles in 2001,2003,2004,2013. As for Cam Newton, he hasn't won a super bowl title yet. Essentially, quarterbacks make a huge difference in the game but who is actually the better quarterback: Cam Newton or Tom Brady?

Cam Newton came straight from Auburn University to Carolina after winning a national championship. He was the #1 draft pick overall in the NFL. Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round to the New England Patriots and came straight from the bench after the starter,Drew Bledsoe was injured in 2000. He has started ever since!

Tom Brady and Cam Newton are battling it out to play in Super Bowl 50. If Cam wins, it would be his first Super Bowl win. If Tom wins, it would be his 5th Super Bowl win, who do you think going to win Tom Brady or Cam Newton? In my opinion, Cam Newton is going to win because he is a MUTANT and a BEAST!

Cam Newton is basically super man because he is the toughest man people know that is in the NFL. Tom Brady is a good match for him but Cam is going to run and pass for touchdowns. Tom Brady was an underdog who became a great quarterback. Now, everyone is waiting to see who is going to win SUPER BOWL 50 if it's between CAM NEWTON AND TOM BRADY. LETS GO CAROLINA!