killer bees

By Danny M. and Jake C.

Type of Damage

Killer bees are very dangerous and it will be very bad if you get stung. Side effects may be

either getting very swollen, getting a rash, getting very sick or

even death.

Extat of damage

the amount of damage that the killer bees have done has been big. These bees will sting multiple times and adventuly kill you. Also they will chase a humans up to a a quarter of a mile. They spread north, moving 200 miles a year and finely got to the 1990. when These bees sting multiple times not like a normal bees, there for it is easier to kill a person and it takes a couple to kill someone because it take 300 stings to kill a adult.


People tried to solve the problem by replacing the queen with calmer european bee queen so they are not so aggressive.

This video describes the basic facts about a killer bee.

Killer Bees!

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