Wings Of Fire: The Brightest Night

By: Tui T. Sutherland


The genre of this story is fiction. The genre is fiction because this is a story about dragons.

There are seven different types of dragons: Mud Wings, Sand Wings, Sea Wings, Sky Wings, Rain Wings, Ice Wings and Night Wings.


The theme of this story is that violence will not solve any problems it will just make even more problems.
For example when three of the night wings captured Sunny, she got away form them and followed them to the Scorpion Den and the night wings got thrown in jail.


The protagonist of this story is Sunny.
Facts about Sunny:

*Sunny is a breed of a night wing and a sand wing.
*Sunny looks like a sand wing but she does not have a poisonous tail like all other sand wings.
*Even though she is half night wing she can not read minds or foretell the future.
*Sunny has no weapons so she is an easy target for other dragons.


The antagonist is queen Burn of the sand wings.
Facts about Burn.
*Burn is the worst of the three sisters fighting to be queen of the sand wings.
*If Burn gets something weird she will kill it and then stuff it herself.
*Burn has a brother named smolder who captures Sunny and her mother.

Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Personal Connections

She is smart and can out think her opponents.
" If I go back and tell the others, we can follow them. But by the time they listen to me — if they listen to me at all— the night wings will be long gone."

She has no natural weapons, she is small and clumsy.
" She caught snippets like, why so small, and but her tail"

Personal connections
When Sunny was following the night wings I would have done the same thing. (Not going back for my friends)


The setting of this story is in and around Burn's stronghold.

The setting impacts the story because Burn's stronghold is where they are keeping Sunny and queen Scarlet. Outside the stronghold impacts the story because that is where queen Oasis died and she was buried there, this is also where the got the three sisters in one place together.

Internal Conflict/ External Conflict/ Climax/ Resolution

An internal conflict is when Sunny is deciding to go back to her friends or not.

An external conflict is when they are figuring out where to put the night wings.

The climax is when Sunny finds the eye of Onyx.

The resolution of this story is that Sunny's mom Thorn gets the eye of Onyx and becomes the sand wing queen.

Personal Opinion

I liked this book so I would give it a four and a half star rating. This is an amazing book for people who love dragons and mysteries, because it has plenty of them.