Barclay Bulletin

August 27, 2021

Arrival and Dismissal at Barclay

I have already communicated some of the arrival and dismissal information for Barclay School, however, I felt it necessary to highlight a few items as we begin the new school year in 6 days:

Student Dismissal

  • We don't assume your dismissal preferences stay the same from year to year. We ask that you communicate with us so that we know to send your student home on a bus, or send them to our cafeteria at the end of the day. If your dismissal routines remain consistent all year, one note for the whole year is fine. If your plans change, you will need to notify the office so we are aware of the changes. You may either fill out the form linked below (or here End of Day Pick Up Form) , or email us at
  • Primary households received Pick-Up pals in your placement letters. Hang onto those cards as they will be used for our end of the day pick. You may give the cards to secondary households, friends, or neighbors as an indication that the person picking up the student has been approved by the family. We really try not to have more than the two cards in circulation for student safety. If you have lost a card you can either call the office at 637-1840, or email and we will get you a new set and the last set(s) will be taken out of circulation.
  • We will ask to see the Pick-Up Pals when you check in and again when we release students to you. Our dismissal staff will rotate, so it may take awhile until we get to know and recognize you at the building!
  • Students are dismissed at 3:20. The car line will form in front of Barclay School along the sidewalk. Once the sidewalk area is filled (about 14 cars) we will start one line across the street at our TTC complex. When that first line is filled we will begin a second line right next to the first line. We will then move approximately 14 cars across the street at a time to collect the next students. We stay in order and don't alternate lines to keep our dismissal process efficient.
  • You may also walk to school and pick up students from our cafeteria doors.
  • Please make sure you complete the pink Student Release Form and return them to school either during Meet and Greet or on the first day of school. We will match anybody on this list if they do not have the Pick-Up Pal that day, and they will need to present a valid form of identification.
  • You can bring your Pick-Up Pal and show it if you need an early dismissal for an appointment. Without that card we will be checking ID at our greeter's window.
  • Letting us know before the start of the school year will help us to make sure our procedures are set for the first day of school, and helps to ease anxiety for all parties involved.

Student Arrival

  • School doors will open at 9:00
  • Students can exit vehicles independently and walk by themselves to the entrance doors.
  • We recommend Barclay students sit in the passenger side of the vehicle and exit out the passenger doors whenever possible. Exiting from driver side will place students closer to moving vehicles in our lot.
  • If your student needs assistance, please park in the visitor spots and walk the students to the sidewalk so that our car line continues to move.
  • There will be staff on hand to direct student and vehicle traffic, please follow their guidance to keep the drop off areas safe for everyone.
  • We will have a vehicle line snaked around the visitor spots in the morning (not the afternoon) to minimize the traffic crossing the main road while buses are arriving.
  • Students need to be signed into the building by an adult if there is no staff member visible at our exterior doors or on the sidewalk.

Mr. Morrison's Second Grade Class Picture - Can You Find Me?

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Meet and Greet Reminder

Meet and Greet is Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Families with the last names beginning with A-L: 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Families with the last names beginning with M-Z: 2:00-3:00 p.m.

There is parking around the three elementary buildings and there will be a bus shuttle running from the tennis court parking lots. Doors will open at 12:00 and 2:00. Please be respectful of start and end times. If you have conflicts or concerns, you can email me directly at

Below is a link to the document for the entrances - If you find the most direct entrance you can make it to the classroom faster. You may want to take a picture of the placement letter as that has the teacher name and classroom number - that way you're not juggling as many papers.