Pollution Solution

Lets make our school a Green Ribbon School

What is Pollution?

"Pollution is the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects."

How come no one seems concerned about the problem?

I think its because no one knows whats really going on. No one knows the real threat that pollution is to the world. Thousands of living creatures die every day because of this dilemma.

What impact does a group of 6th graders have on the world of Pollution?

A little can go a long way. Just do your part by recycling more at home and at school. You could also go out and pick up trash or make something old into something new.

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How does our school become a green ribbon school?

Connect with other students, make a difference in your school and community, and publish pages to show your work and how it made an impact in your town. GET ACTIVE and stop polluting.

One example of Pollution:

This problem is happening all over the world!
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My Thoughts

This diagram shows the amount of pollution each year. This chart is very recent and you can find out more by googling the URL below. One thing I would like to point out is the amount of pollution from 1960-1980. And it stays the same height going into the 21st century. Yes, it has gone down some but I can assure your that's from people who feel the same way about pollution as I do. Pollution has no purpose other that supporting an unclean environment.

Check out the Navajo water lady!

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Noise Pollution

Thermal Pollution

Light Pollution

Soil Pollution

Nuclear Pollution

Visual Pollution


Make a difference:

We could start a Blazer Blitz club called the pollution solution. We could meet 1 time a week before or after school for fifth grade and sixth grade and decide where to go to start picking up trash. As a school we could come up with a persuasive letter written to the factories in our area. This letter would summarize that we could downsize the amount of packaging on in item and that would help save money and the earth. By putting less packaging on an item or more we would save the amount of plastic used in America. Maybe we could even convince them to make the packaging out of recycled items. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing. Just simply putting plastic in the recycling bin and putting banana peels in the garbage bin can make a BIG difference. Just imagine if everyone on earth put the right things in the right bins!

Connect with other students:

We could present this presentation to the entire school (including the fifth graders) and get everyone involved by telling them the harm caused when we HUMANS pollute the earth around us. We can also tell them why we want to stop pollution in our area and that we want this pollution solution to be local. If all goes well we will turn our school into a green ribbon school.

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