Cordelia Hills Update


Principals Message

Thank you ALL for being flexible, supporting one another, taking risks and for some... coming way out of your comfort zone. I HAVE zero doubt about the ability of our school to shine in this tough period and that rests solely in the skills and talents of our staff. Thank you.

Expectations for the Week of 3/23-3/30

1. First and foremost, take care of your family and your own personal health! There is no short cutting that.

2. Have your Google Classroom created with students loaded. I need you to either add me as a co-teacher or email me when you have created the class. We are almost at 100%. Thank you!

3. Be available by email, text, or phone call. I do plan on setting up two Google Meets along with daily office hours for those that would prefer to chat one-to-one (virtually).

4. Provide resources to each other and to your families, if you so wish. This isn't a requirement but many of you haven't missed a beat. I have received endless messages of thanks. I also know this is an extremely trying/difficult time for some of you. Reach out if you need my help. That is what I am here for.

Expectations from 3/30-4/9

I have a Google Meet with elementary education this afternoon and we will learn of the basic expectation for all staff. I was lucky enough to be involved in working through some of those details and I am POSITIVE that are staff will exceed those expectations. I will share as SOON as I am allowed to share.

Please know that these will be minimum expectations to provide distance learning. We have thirty plus classrooms on-site and numerous support providers. WE will not be robots and you will make this work for you and your students because you know them best.

Please avoid saying too much to families about what it look like. Especially in relation to grades, post spring break, and for next year. They just to need to know that we will be providing distance learning next week and that we will do our best to support them now, during our transition back to school, and beyond.

Access at Home

I asked last week that you share with me the names of any students who have limited access to internet and devices. I appreciate those that have done that so far. The District will be seeking that information in a survey to a parents but I want to go forward with collecting the data anyways. I've also asked parents directly. I think the redundancies will help ensure we don't miss anyone!

Also, if a student has a school device that is damaged in any way, please have them email you. Write a ticket and email me when you have done so. I am working out how to collect those and get them to TSS techs.

Inner Explorer At Home

Inner Explorer sent the following link to invite parents and staff to use Inner Explorer's app which will allow everyone access to all four programs. The link was sent Friday and over 60% of those that got the email opened it already. I want to encourage you to add the link to your google classrooms so kids have have some mindfulness during this time. Please also encourage your family and your students to participate in stretching, YOGA, or any type of exercise throughout the day.

Library Services--Did you know!

Please read the email from Elaine James with the endless number of links and resources. Please share that information with your families. If anything, we just hope our kids are reading each day!

These are the links from the email but I recommend you read her message:

Destiny Discover