Historical Figure's Name

Major Contribution to Solving Societal Problem

By Student Name

Introduction to the Historical Figure

In here you will discuss the background of the character.

  • Include bullet points
  • Various fonts to emphasis details
  • Try to use only one font style
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Background to the Problem He/She Faced

In here you will discuss problem this character faced. If you are referring to a particular source. Be sure to reference the source title and include a hyperlink.

For example, I might write the following:

In Jackie Changed the Face of Sports, Schwartz discusses how Robinson faced discrimination as he grew up and as he played baseball. Then you might go into a bulleted list of the problem:

How the Figure Overcame the Problem

Again, I would include a short paragraph about the historical figure and reference importance.

Remember to hyperlink to other texts as needed.

How the problem still exists today

In here will be very important to reference a specific article. For example, I might do the following.

Today, people still question whether racism still exists in sports today. In one such article, Did Racism Strip Jackie Robinson West of Its Little League Title?, the author suggest this is the case.

I would follow this statement my explanation in my own words.

A solution to today's problem

Remember that all of you headings should have interesting titles, not the generic ones I provided.

In this section, make sure your solution address the problem you presented. Hyperlink to other sources as needed.


"Eleanor Roosevelt." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 18 Mar. 2015

"Jackie Robinson." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 18 Mar. 2015.

Reference list should be around six. Make sure your references are in alphabetical order.

Image URL

You should have two to three images throughout your newsletter. Be sure to include the links to the images below.

For example: