Indus River Civilizations

Climate and Geography / Writing, Language, Religions/Belief Structures

The Himalaya is close to a rich valley of Ganges. Near the Indus River, their are dry plateau that form Pakistan. The climate is a seasonal wind pattern called the monsoon. It is cool all year long but in the summer it is dry. The civilizations emerged from river valleys. It was located in modern day Iran.

The religion is Christianity. Once there civilization died so did there gods. They also had a form of Hindu. People couldn't find names for any of the gods in the Indus Valley.

Political & Social Structures / Accomplishments/Technology/Philosophy

They had palaces which meant there was some kind of king. The civilization was different because it was not based on monuments and gold. It was controlled by trade and religion. They used animal symbols for a form of power.

The art was very advanced. Transportation and trade was an accomplishment for these people. They had a written script that the people used.


Many theories have been circulated, such as the one which proclaims that an Indo-European tribe from Central Asia called the Aryans invaded the Harappan land and so caused this decline.