Allyn Yang


The history of YouTube starts out on Steve Chen.Steve Chen started the company in California.The idea of YouTube was started when Steve and a couple of friends were sharing videos to each other.Since they had different cameras they all were different formats.So it was hard for the to watch each others videos.Then Steve wanted to make putting videos out to the world easy.Steve was able to do this on February of 2005.When YouTube was first created by Steve to put online.


YouTube did not start out like all the other companies in big buildings.It was first created in a garage and now is in its own building.Things about YouTube still needed to change to be good enough for Steve.One thing Steve noticed is that there was not a tool to search things.With out this YouTube couldn't know what you wanted to see on YouTube.But since Steve notice this he updated this right away.Since YouTube was just created it had things to change.Another thing about YouTube was that Steve sold YouTube to the company Google.Even though Steve sold YouTube he still gets his profit.Today YouTube is the well known website to watch videos about anything you would want to see.YouTube is always on fixing problems and the updates to renew YouTube almost every year.

Impact on Society

The reason of YouTube was to let the world see videos about any on there mind.Today YouTube is is well known for help on any thing form homework to fixing cars.If you missed a NBA or a NFL game you can watch it the next day.Today if YouTube was not discovered putting videos for the world to see or for friends to see would be a difficulty for everybody.Life with out YouTube would be very difficult because you would have to see things on your mind in person.Instead of staying home and saving money for better things.

Important/Influential Person From Company

The person who had the idea and started YouTube is Steve Chen.This company was started by the idea of making putting videos for the world to see easy.An interesting thing about Steve is that he did work at Paypal after graduating University of Illinois.He has be listed the top 15 Asians to watch by Asian Scientist Magazine for creating YouTube.Also was an employee at Facebook before staring YouTube.
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The most watched video on YouTube is Psy's Gangnam Style.This video has over 2 billion viewers.What Gangnam Style is a Korean Pop for short K-pop dance.This video came out on July 15,2012.Then in second place it is Justin Bieber "Baby" with Ludacris. That.That video has over 1 million viewers.These two song or videos were able to hit 1 million viewers by 2015.