Technology in a Pre-K classroom

What is technology?

The video below states that technology is something that was created by humans. These items were created to make things easier for us and to solve problems.

Children in this classroom have access to I-Pads and computers. They also have an overhead projector that allows the teacher to show educational videos to the entire class.

Pros and cons I observed in the preschool classroom during the use of technology

  • students were very excited to learn using IPads
  • students were able to grasp the concept quickly with the use of this technology
  • students liked being able to hear the sound the letter N made through their Ipad app
  • students were excited to be able to learn to draw the letter N through their IPad app


  • The classroom only has 5 IPads, so lessons using this form of technology has to be done in a small group setting
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Introducing Technology to Young Children

Why should we add technology to our student's education?

What is Technology?

How can we use technology in our classroom?