Freshwater Biome

Adaptations, weather, variations, organisms, etc...

Organisms And Interdependency

Some examples of fresh water organisms are fish (bass, catfish, perch etc), ducks, bears, and much more. Some of these animals adapt to the predators and environment. Ex- Ducks have waterproof feathers and webbed feet.

Bears prey on the fish, Ducks eat the small fish, the egg laying season for the fish (the bear is hibernating).


-Ducks (water proof feathers, webbed feet)

-Bass (can survive in harsh temperatures)

-Bear (sharp teeth and claws, hibernation, curved claws for catching fish)

-Crane (long legs to keep its feathers out of the water


Biome- a large region characterized by a specific type of climate

Adapt- a change that helps an organism alive

Variation- a difference between organisms of any species caused by genotypic or phenotypic vaiation


Sun- algae- small fish- big fish- bear

Sun- algae- fish- crane

Sun- grass, small fish, small insects- ducks

Sun- algae ,grass -insects -frog -snakes -birds -birds of prey

Freshwater biome

The freshwater biome is mostly aquatic, but there are a few exceptions to that (bears and swans). The weather is semi cold and it rains often, many organisms depend on each other, Ex- The bear depends on the fish, and the plants depend on the sun.

Food Web and Pyramids

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Freshwater Food Pyramid

The producers are eaten by the primary consumers, then the secondary consumers, then tertiary consumers, so on so forth. The big fish are eaten by birds of prey such as the hawk or osprey.