Miss Meisner's 2nd Grade Newsletter

November 13, 2015


This week in reading we continued our non-fiction unit of study. Students have been doing a wonderful job identifying text features, the main idea and details, and stopping to think. We worked a lot with partners this week being careful to choose just the right information to share and using Partner Talk when they met. I have been so impressed with the level of academic talk these students are using. It is incredible to hear "Wow that's interesting, could you tell me more?" and " I like how you discussed ______ can you give me another fact about that?". This type of language is truly higher level and makes my heart fill with joy. The picture of our Partner Talk anchor chart is included in the newsletter, and I encourage you to use this language at home as well. Next week in reading we will wrap up our non-fiction unit. This will include a little bit of test talk and completing a fun Pumpkin Booklet with many of the text features they've been learning about in this unit.
Kid President Speaks From The Heart!


This week in language arts we talking about writing LONG and STRONG. We took a look at the following specific scene in the book Those Shoes.

My heart was pounding hard as I took off my shoe and hitched up my baggy sock"

We then discussed how the author could have just said "I tried on the shoes" but she chose to elaborate. The author did this to help the reader imagine and envision this moment. As writers we are trying to mimic this kind of writing. We are really working on expanding those important moments of our personal narratives to help our readers envision what is happening.

We will be wrapping up this small moment unit next week and beginning How-To writing when we get back after Thanksgiving Break.


Science DPM Test #1 - 11/18

Spelling Test Week 4- 11/19 (THURSDAY next week due to fun curriculum related Thanksgiving activities on Friday!)

DMH #12- 11/20

Grandparents Day

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 9:45-10:30am

12050 Old Kluge Road

Cypress, TX

KISS Lunches

Friday, Nov. 13th, 10:45-11:15am

12050 Old Kluge Road

Cypress, TX


* Spelling Test will be THURSDAY next week due to a Thanksgiving rotation we have planned for Friday!

*Science DPM Test #1 is Wednesday of next week!!

*Football privileges at recess have been taken away due to some problems it has been causing we will revisit this after the break and students will have the opportunity to earn it back.

*No Lunch Visitors Wednesday or Friday next week due to KISS lunches and schedule changes.

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If you stretch a standard Slinky out flat it measures 87 feet long