Container Size on Lifespan of Fish

an experiment by Rob Cain


I think that the smaller the container, the shorter the fish will live.

How will I test this?

I am going to be placing three fish (who will be of similar age) inside each container. The containers will gradually get smaller. Each container will have the same things inside it. The same water will be used in all the tanks as well as the amount, type, and frequency of food. I will continue the experiment until all the fish have passed. I will record my data as I go.

The Experiment

Small Box

Fish 1: 57 days

Fish 2: 70 days

Fish 3: 66 days

Larger Box

Fish 1: 98 days

Fish 2: 124 days

Fish 3: 100 days

Largest Box

Fish 1: 360 days

Fish 2: 206 days

Fish 3: 377 days


The fish who lived in larger containers lived way longer than the fish who lived in smaller ones.