New Brunswick



New Brunswick has dense heavy forest with animals like Moose ,white tailed deer Black Bear, Canadian geese and Black Ducks there are more animals in the forest but these are the most common in the dense forest in New Brunswick. There are a few endangered animals in New Brunswick like the bald eagle, Canada lynx, peregrine falcon and the eastern cougar there are more endanger animals in New Brunswick but there are a few that I can name.
New Brunswick Canada Wildlife - Part 2


There are lots of beautiful flowers and trees that are in the dense forest in New Brunswick. there are a few common plants that live in New Brunswick that are aspen, birch, maple, elm, oak, and spruce and many more. There are also endangered plants to like the St. Lawrence aster, southern Twayblade, pine drops and the Bathurst aster and a few more. It's a beautiful place for a plant to grow.


New Brunswick has nice summers and great winters. in the summer they have an average of 23.3 c witch is one of the warmest summers in Canada. In the winter they get about 244 centimeters of snow about each year and a tempters of 73. f.


industries that are in New Brunswick or resources in New Brunswick are mining, manufacturing and agriculture. Agriculture is not a very popular thing in New Brunswick but they grow potato's and that's mostly the main thing they grow and they also have dairy farms too. In New Brunswick they have bad soil for growing crops so the main thing that can grow in that soil is potato's. One of the other industries is Manufacturing and the main things they will use is paper, plywood and pulp those are the main things they will use. Beverage industries and food processing are other things part of industries in New Brunswick some of the things that they processes is oyster, lobster and clams are the main thing that are top in New Brunswick.
Passionate About a Healthy Forest Future in New Brunswick