Nervous System

By: Natalie Giraldo

What is the nervous system?

The nervous system is a collection of nerves and other cells known as neurons that send signals between body parts. The nervous system can also be known as the bodies electric wiring.


The brain is the control system of everything that happens in the body. The nerves in our body are flowing in and out of the brain and spinal cord, and together they make the central nervous system. The brain is where the information is processed and where responses to the body originate.

Spinal cord

The spinal cord is the other half of the central nervous system where it connects the brain and peripheral nervous system. This is the main pathway of information sending messages from nerve to nerve.
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Problem associated with system

Brain tumors: Abnormal tissue growing in the brain and interfering with the nervous system

Cerebral Palsy: Defect and damage to the brain during or before birth.

Epilepsy: condition of the nervous system that leads to seizures

Other systems

Muscular system works with the nervous system by helping our organs more once the central nervous system sends signals to the organ.