Australian Gold Rush

By Liam P

The Different Types Of Mining/ Tools For Mining

Aluvial Mining:

There are three main types of mining, the most simplest type of mining is aluvial mining. Aluvial mining is basically surface mining but it is not just lying on the ground it is just under the ground. You can alluvial mine in rivers by panning or you could just do it on land. Some tools for alluvial mining are a pan, a shovel, a bucket and a pick.

Shaft Mining:

Shaft mining is the hardest mining you have to work as a team or you will not find that much gold. You have to dig a hole 10 meters deep and one metre wide. Some tools for shaft mining are a shovel, a pick, a windlass, and a cradle.

Reef Mining:

Reef mining is where heavy machines break up the rock to find gold it is probably the most dangerous types of mining due to the lack of oxygen and to the loose soil above you.

Chinese On The Goldfields

Many people rushed to the goldfields and 42 000 of them were Chinese men woman and children. The Chinese were treated really badly because they were finding more gold than everyone else due to them working harder. Their camp was destroyed and they were robbed.
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Woman On The Goldields

At first there only men on the goldfields but then they were joined by their families so more woman were at the diggings. There were a few female miners but most of them were men. Some of the woman were shopkeepers. Most of the woman would stay home with their families and wash or cook.
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Life On The Goldfields

The life on the goldfields was really harsh due to the weather and the strict laws the mining permit was really expensive so you had to work twice as hard to find the gold to pay it. You had to drink lots of tea so you wouldn't get dehydrated.