A year or two ago, my little sister was in a dance class at a place outside of school. After watching her dance for a while, I started to get interested. I was about to go to seventh grade, so I decided that I would sign up to be part of my schools dance group

Counts and Timing

I think that in the little time that I have been dancing, I have gained a good amount of knowledge about things such as counts to the music being played, and timing my steps to the beat. I have learned to listen to the beat of the music before trying to incorporate steps into it

Positions and Steps

With the different types of songs that there are, there is a different type of dance. Slow music may mean ballet, and faster music may be jazz or hip hop. Something that involves steps that go with the pase of the music.

Present Day

Being in dance for a school year seems like it wouldn’t do much, but it has has actually had a big impact on my decisions . Since then,I've been thinking, and I hope to have a job that involves dancing in my future because I really enjoy it and I want to have a job that I like.