Get Away @ Your Library!

October 2015

Special Programming Rocked!!

We were excited to host two very special programs in October...just 5 days apart! Planning and preparing for the logistics of these visits kept us busy during September (when we also held our fall book fair). We're fortunate that we have the funds to be able to bring such quality speakers to MMS and it's all because of our school's strong support of the media center. When you and your students purchase items at the book fairs each fall and spring, you help provide the funding for us to offer programs that enhance our students' curriculum.

Authors of Mystery & Horror, Oh My!

Chad Crews, educational entertainer and magician, performed for 6th graders and some 8th grade students on October 8th. Chad uses magic tricks and sleight-of-hand to wow his audiences as he talks to them about several famous authors of mystery and horror stories. Students learned all kinds of things about Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Mary Shelley. His engaging performance and easy way with students held their attention and left them wanting more

We had created a display of books by Poe, Shelly, Doyle, and other similar authors prior to Chad's arrival, and these books flew off the display faster than you can say "Abracadabra!" Because of the great response to Chad's program, we've added more titles like these to our book orders this fall. Love seeing those books fly out the door!

By the numbers...

# School Days = 20

#Classes seen = 45

Avg. Daily Walk-in Traffic = 367

Total # circulations = 1890

Average PER PUPIL circulation = 1.41

# Technology Assists (either ETS or us) = 52

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Marion Blumenthal Lazan, Holocaust survivor and author of Four Perfect Pebbles, spoke to the entire 7th grade on October 13. Mrs. Lazan and her husband Nathaniel travel the country visiting schools and sharing her story of courage and hope. She and her family were imprisoned by the Nazis during World War II and she told our students about her time in the camps--the hunger, the cold, the lice, the guards. To this day, Mrs. Lazan is afraid of German shepherds because of the how the dogs were used to intimidate prisoners.

You could've heard a pin drop in our cafeteria as 300+ students and teachers listened to Mrs. Lazan bring history alive for them. For most of us, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since Holocaust survivors are typically in their 80's now. At the end of the presentation, students crowded around Mrs. Lazan to get one of her signature hugs!

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Teen Read Week, an annual October event!

Teen Read Week comes around every October. This year's theme was "Get Away @ Your Library." We celebrated TRW with a Bookmark Contest. Students were invited to submit a hand-drawn bookmark that showed what the theme meant to them. The entries were judged and prizes awarded to the top 3 winners. It was a tough decision because all the entries were fantastic!


Pumpkinpalooooza was a smash hit this year! We had some of the cutest pumpkins ever this year and the judges had a tough time picking the winners. Thanks to everyone who entered....we have some very creative students at MMS.
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