Fashion Show 2015

Why should I be chosen?

-I'm hardworking

-I always get my work done on time

-I'm passionate about my work

-I'm understanding

-I love working in a fast paced environment

-I love putting things together and presenting it to others

I have good leadership skills

-When I work and prepare an idea that is to be presented, I make sure that it is neat and formal.

What I bring to the table:

  • I will take into account everyone's needs and wants
  • I don't want this show to be about me I want it to be about all of us
  • I will put in 110%
  • I have some exspirence from helping last year
  • My passion lays in this area, so it will be hard to disappoint
  • I plan on making a fashion show that includes everyone's unique and individual qualities.
  • I want this fashion show to stand out from the rest
  • I have an out of the box type of thinking, so I can take your idea and really make them flourish
  • I'm good at hearing multiple argument and making one agreement
  • I take people's feelings into account, but I also am not shy to speak my mind if we totally can't do something
  • I want to make this fashion a name that is remembered
  • I want people too see our class and be amazed at what we bring to the fashion world