Adapting Printed Text

for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

JULY 31, 2014: Plan for a day of learning, exploration, and accessing resources!

In this session you will learn about adapted print; what it is, who it is for, why we do it, and how to create adapted books to meet unique needs of your students. Resources, time-saving tips and networking opportunities will be provided.

Preparation for the Workshop

Prior to the workshop, please take a look at the resources in the LiveBinder. You may access the LiveBinder in one of two ways; QR code or address shown below.

While checking out the resources, please go to the "Online Resources" tab. Under this tab are two sub tabs in gray for grade level adapted books that are free to download and save: Tar Heel Reader and Sherlock Center. Please choose 1 or 2 books for the grade level(s) that you teach to download and save for the workshop. Please make sure to download and save a Powerpoint version of one of the books you choose to be used in one of the breakout sessions.

Once saved you may bring your own computer with the books already loaded or you may use one of the ESC's laptops to access the file that you have either emailed to yourself or saved to a dropbox. During the training, you will be given limited time to download additional books and save onto a flash drive that will be provided.


Contact Caroll Brant

(817) 740-7537