Articles of Confedration

By:Ike .Washington Honea

Why did they make the .A.O.C (Articles of Confederation) so weak ?

The reason they made the A.O.C was so weak was that they did not want to end up like the king.The king would have to much over over people EX:by taxing the people and ingnoring there needs.

AOC's strengths

The strengths or good thins that the AOC's did was treaty with Paris in 1778 during the american revolution,they ended the American revolution war winning Americans independence ,establised the department of affairs/war/and marines,and all the privileges and immunities of free citizens in several states.
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weaknesses of AOC's

Sadly the government had absolutely no power over the states much less the country ,they had no army,No currency (the states made there own would not take other states money),not able to tax,no court system.The states were in control of taxing and they over taxed. everyone owed money including the AOC owing money to pairs/France after the war.They were a mess
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The North West Ordinance Of 1787

The North West Ordinance Of 1787 deiced that western states would be admitted separate states and currently admitted states couldn't expand.If they wanted to rejoin the country they would have to get 60,000 people and make a new constitution and apply to join the country.

Shays Rebellion

Shays rebellion was basically A massive riot that was going on because .the farmers were being thrown in jail for money debt. Eventually they got fed up and revolted. Leading them was Shay he was a very big contributor during the american revolution.But fed up he led the farmers and others went .Burning down court houses and, threatening court houses to shut down with guns and weaponry.
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