Sweaty tee

By: Jessa Eden

What is Sweaty tee?

What is the first thing you hear about Sweaty tee? Sweaty Tee is an absorbent T-Shirt. Were you can wear mostly for any sport and anywhere else. Sweaty Tee is where you sweat really bad and you have that disgusting smell on you and that you don't want anybody

else wanting to smell you, so the T-Shirt absorbs the nasty sweat and releases a sweet pleasant smell, so for others around you aren't disgusted.

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Sweaty- Tee

Sweaty- Tee is an great product that you could wear for basically any occasion. Sweaty Tee come is many different colors and smells. Just be looking for it on the packaging if you are trying to purchase this idem. It comes in color bright and dark colors for people asking, and different designs for the shirts as well. There are all various many different smell to this shirt, and the shirt is really comfortable. The smells do not come out that strong just in cases your wondering, a nice an easy smell just comes off the shirt fabric. (100% cotton). Sweaty Tee cost will be around 15$ plus tax on selling day, if you wish to purchase this you can buy one on the internet on our website, or get them at your local resources.