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September 19-23 Week C

Important Dates:

  • 9/20: LAP 3 Train the Trainers: Half Day AM in Café: Altamirano, Yi, Vela, Orozco
  • 9/20: Café Closed in AM for Training-No ABL
  • 9/21: Irving HS Homecoming Parade @ Pierce 2:00 Theme: The Wizard of Oz Poster Idea: There's No Place like IHS!
  • 9/21: Essential Skills Training for all Teachers: 3:45 w/Michelle Martin
  • 9/22: Purposeful Planning (See Schedule Below)
  • 9/22: 2:45 Earthquake/Shelter Drill-District Wide
  • 9/23: Panda Parent Meetings 9:00/1:00 in Cafe

Why do we need Essential Skills Training?

Let's start off the school year on the same page! Michelle Martin will help us go through the process of assessing the Essential Skills and we can calibrate our process as Professionals.

  • Do I assess this the same as my Team?
  • Am I too easy in my assessment?
  • Am I too strict in my assessment?

Let's get together and spend one hour setting the stage for a great start!

Purposeful Planning Schedule for September 22 in Conference Room!

AM: McKimmey, Horn, Delapena, Gonzalez-Karras, Vela, Beas, Bowmar, Steward, Escobedo, Reeder, Shepherd Keys

PM: Yi, Murillo, Li, Ali, Orozco, Chavira, Huckaby, Robles, Altamirano, Mercado

When I have a sick student, can I as the Classroom Teacher call the parent to come and get the child?

Good question! The answer is: NO! Please send the child to the Nurse and let Ms. Nichol's decide if the student should be sent home. The classroom teacher can contact the parent to let them know their child is seeing the Nurse, but it should be Ms. Nichol's decision on whether or not the child should be sent home.

16-17 Crisis Plan-Click Link to Review

Every Staff Member should review this Crisis Plan to know what to do in case of emergency!

#EveryPandaEveryDay Week 3 Early Childhood Attendance Trophy WINNER!!

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Important Perks for donating to Irving Schools Foundation before the end of October:

  • Contribute to a Pierce Scholarship we are developing
  • Earn a Thursday jeans day starting September 15 until the end of October to wear jeans and a collared Pierce shirt
  • See Ms. Yi for questions


To Ms. Fleming....

Thanks for covering for me this week while I was out sick! It's good to know I can count on you! :) -Ms. Dickson

To All Teachers....

I want to give a big “Shout Out” to all of the teachers for working so hard and completing their LPAC folders on time. Thanks to everyone who helped our new teachers master the process.

-Ms. Fleming

To POD D & Ms. Gonzalez-Karras...

I want to give a shout out to Pod D. I look forward to work because of the people I am surrounded by! Ms. Raza, Ms. Natal, Ms. Hernandez, Mrs. Reeder, Ms. Steward, Ms. Campbell, Mrs. Samuels.

Mrs. Gonzalez-Karras thank you for your wise advice every day!

I’m loving being a Panda!

-Ms. Bowmar

To Janet Hernandez...

Thanks for volunteering to wear our Peter Panda costume at next week's IHS Homecoming Parade!! You're awesome!


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Everyone loves babies & dogs, right?!?