This Week in Geometry

September 28 - October 2

Grades and End of Marking Period

We have finished week 5 and I will be updating grades throughout this weekend.

We are entering the last week of the marking period. The last day for a student to submit late work (other than test corrections) will be Wednesday.

A few reminders:

- If there is a * symbol for the grade, that means that the student was absent or not yet enrolled when that assignment was given. This is NOT hurting their grade in any way

- If you see a zero (0) for the assignment, the assignment is currently missing and needs to be turned in for partial credit

- I routinely write comments next to any * or 0 that I put into the gradebook so that you and I know why that grade was assigned

- Any grade below a 70 can be corrected/re-done for a maximum grade of a 70. Most daily grades that are low won't make a big impact on the overall average, as there are a LOT of daily grades for them to average with. However, a TEST grade that is below a 70 will impact the overall average, so I would highly encourage your student to come during tutoring times to correct those.

New Math TEKS

I am sure some of you are aware that the state of Texas changed the math standards. K-8 experienced the change last year and it was a little struggle as we all adjusted to that change. This year, high school math is getting to experience the change in the standards. Geometry didn't have many major changes and most of the really new topics will be taught towards the end of the year. However, some of the topics and standards were modified with additional content added to what was already being taught. We experienced our first growing pains with these changes this past week, on Friday. I want to commend all of my Geometry students as they handled the struggle like champions. We had a good day of instruction on Thursday, but the assignment to practice it on Friday was confusing and more difficult that it needed to be. Your students worked through the confusion and went with the flow and it couldn't have made me more proud to be their teacher at that moment. We will be extending our discussion of that topic into Monday with a few additional practice problems, just to make sure that we get it.

Blackboard and Tutoring

Just a reminder that Blackboard is updated daily with calendar entries to let students know what they may have missed if they were absent. Also, the calendar has important events, such as marking period dates and test dates on it. I also post copies of assignments and handouts in Blackboard and attach copies of daily work assignments in Skyward.

Also, just a reminder that I am available for tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, if students are struggling and need extra help. If Tuesdays and Thursdays don't work out for your student, encourage them to talk to me, as I am here many of the weekdays after school and could likely arrange another day if they need it.

Exams and Reviews

Our second exam is coming up this week. I just wanted to remind everyone that I will always post blank copies of the exam reviews as well as the answer key on Blackboard. The path is: Videos and Exam Reviews --- Exam Reviews and Keys. Once there, the exam review and an answer key will be posted. The reviews and keys are posted after school on the day before the exam (we work on the reviews in class that day).

Also, I set up an online sticky note board where students can post questions that may come up while they are studying. This can be accessed via Blackboard as well. The path is 1st Marking Period --- Closure Activities --- Parking Lots --- Unit 3A Review (the unit number changes with each test). Students can post sticky notes to this board with their questions on it. I will check a couple of times throughout the evening and post responses back. It is a great way for students to make sure they understand concepts and to be able to ask me if they don't.

Finally, my exams are NOT open-note. So, students need to study. I design my reviews to be written in a way that the information there is very similar to the tests, so, if they can successfully complete the review, they will be able to complete the exam as well.


We have been using the laptops in class from time to time. One thing I would like to encourage is that students are making sure to keep those laptops charged. I would recommend charging them at night while the student sleeps. If students get into the habit of doing that, they will always start off the day with a fully charged laptop. Also, students should bring their chargers to school with the laptops, so they are prepared if the laptop needs charging during the day while being used in class. We have been having quite a few issues with students having laptops that are not charged and then not having a way to charge them because they didn't bring their cords with them. Any help on this that you can provide would be appreciated.

This Week In Geometry

  • We will be working with the distance and midpoint formulas this week
  • We will also be applying our knowledge of slope, distance, midpoint, fractional distance, and perpendicular/parallel lines to a major assignment this week
  • Unit 2 exam will be this Friday, October 2
  • The end of the marking period is also Friday, October 2
  • Report cards will go out during the week following (I believe on Thursday)
  • The fundraiser that is going on ends on Monday. Please make sure that any fundraising forms are complete and money is collected.
  • There is a "I Survived the First Six Weeks" dance on Friday, October 2
  • Finally, in a few weeks, there is a Staff Development/Student Holiday on Monday, October 12


If you have any questions about anything on this flyer, the class, or your student's progress in class, don't hesitate to email me: