Survival Guide for Devon Island

Kayla Sansom


My plane crashed in North America. The climate is way below freezing. The high for March is -24 the low is -26. It is polar.

The steps to survive.

  1. Stay warm, but do NOT sweat.
  2. Make a shelter.
  3. Find water and food.
  4. Find stuff to make a fire/ make a fire.
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3 animals that live in the Devon Islands.

  1. Polar Bears
  2. Walrus : The blubber for warmth. Yes you could eat walrus. It could cut you with it's large tusks. If you would consider it dangerous
  3. White Fox

3 plants that live on the Devon Islands

  1. Mushroom
  2. Flowers
  3. Weeds : It can be like a blanket. Probably not edible. I don't think it could be harmful. I am pretty sure they aren't poisonous.