4D Classroom News

March 3-7, 2014

Special Announcements

This week will be a short week due to the ES teacher workday on Friday, March 7. This also marks the end of the second trimester and we will be preparing report cards, which will be sent home before Spring Break. In addition to this, we will also have the Dongdaewon Fair on Thursday, March 6 from 12:45-2:45. Thank you to all who have sent supplies and/or volunteered your time for this special fundraising event!

Academic Update

Language Arts

Our focus in reading throughout the second trimester continues to be on the comprehension and analysis of nonfiction texts. Last week we began a new series of lessons related to determining importance. Students have learned how to use a Fact, Question, and Response chart to take notes on their reading. This week, we will build upon this and use a Topic, Detail, and Response chart to construct main ideas from supporting details.

Again, we will practice through whole class mini-lessons with shared nonfiction texts, but this will also be reinforced in guided reading groups with nonfiction texts at the appropriate reading level. You can find a copy of the NF articles and various work samples from your child included in their weekly Student Feedback Form. Last week we had a few special activities occur during our literacy block, so I've combined both last week's information and this week's work on 1 form.

Word Study groups will continue this week, but it will be a short week. Students will be assessed on their words on Thursday, rather than Friday. Patterns covered include the following:

  • Long U CVV (-ue, -ew)
  • Prefixes (sub-, com-, pro-, en-)
  • Syllable Juncture in VCV and VVCV patterns

Students will have daily language homework this week and should bring both the Daily Language and Word Study homework on Thursday.

Lastly, we will continue our work on our informational report in writing. Students have chosen a topic and have written 3 focus questions to guide their research. This week, we will be learning how to use a graphic organizer to plan and organize our research. Students will be guided through the research process and how to use the graphic organizer with our sample class topic on butterflies. Students will also spend some class time using the library databases to gather additional research on their topic of choice. Next week, students will begin the process of sifting through the research and recording relevant supporting details on their graphic organizer.


In math, this week we will wrap up lesson 5.4 on outcomes and lesson 5.5 on probability as a fraction. Students have been learning about whether an outcome is certain, more likely, equally likely, less likely, or impossible. In addition to this, students are also learning to determine the probability of an event and how to express this as a fraction. (Picture on right: Sydney and Yujin explore the probability of drawing a blue chip.)

Our final lesson for this chapter is lesson 5.6. We will begin this next week and it will likely last the entire week. This lesson will be the most challenging one in chapter 5, as it deals with "Real-World Problems: Data and Probability." As of now, it is looking like we will have a test over Chapter 5 early in the week of March 17th.


Last week we began our new science unit on energy. We explored light as a form of energy and students participated in a lab in which they explored how light behaves when it comes into contact with various materials. We will wrap up our discussion of light this week and next week we will move onto our next lesson related to how heat can be transferred. (Picture on left: Samuel and Zofia explore the different properties of light.)