Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

October 2-6, 2017


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I BELIEVE you matter!!

YouTube Link to The Time You Have

I Believe in Helping Others Succeed

28,835 days. The time you have. Do you spend those jelly beans believing you can help others succeed? Last month, we focused on believing in relationships during our daily routine. As we look begin October, let's take a closer look at how those relationships can be the first stepping stone in helping others succeed.

Top 20 teachers have power. They have the power to activate the potential in their students (6). How do you activate potential to help students succeed? Authors emphasize carrying a deep belief in the potential of our students. Potential is a power in each person that wants to make a positive difference. Our number one job is to unlock student potential and teach our students how to live in the TOP 20 world, a world where Thinking, Learning, and Communicating are more effective than Thinking, Learning, and Communicating as a BOTTOM 80. Think back to the two wolves lesson from last week. We need to understand the two dimensions within each of us, and recognize the forces and decisions that lead us to select one over the other and help our students do the same. This means engaging our students, strengthening their Emotional Quotient (EQ) and helping them Think, Learn, and Communicate more effectively.

Brian Sztabnik shares practical ideas for engagement in his article "The 8 Minutes that Matter Most." Sztabnik states "The eight minutes that matter most are the beginning and endings. If a lesson does not start off strong by activating prior knowledge, creating anticipation, or establishing goals, student interest wanes, and you have to do some heavy lifting to get them back. If it fails to check for understanding, you will never know if the lesson's goal was attained."

Here are eight ways to make those eight minutes magical. Read more about them at the link to the article found HERE.

  • 1. Trend with YouTube

  • 2. Start with Good News

  • 3. Cross Disciplines

  • 4. Write for 5

  • 5. Level Up

  • 6. Exit Tickets

  • 7. Mimic Social Media

  • 8. Post-It Power

  • What will you do with the time you have?

  • First 6 Weeks Update

    Weeks 5 & 6- Expectations to Teach, Model & Practice

    Classroom Routines:

    ______Continue modeling and practicing rules and routines

    ______Continue common language

    Instructional Expectations:

    _____ Transition from Daily 5 and CAFÉ strategies to reading lessons (continue to practice and reinforce Daily 5 and CAFÉ)

    _____ Review Daily 5 and CAFÉ strategies

    _____ Continue to Build Stamina and Independence


    Excellent Family Day! Special thanks to each of you for going the distance in making our first family day a success! Thanks to Kelly for planning and preparing this most excellent opportunity for camaraderie with a bonus morale boost! Family groups emulate making a difference today to create a better tomorrow!

    Teacher Evaluation

    Student Learning Goal (SLG)

    Due by Oct 18th to Mrs. Holmberg

    Document Link HERE

    Send to

    Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

    Due by Oct 18th

    Document Link HERE

    Send to Brad Bauer

    Teacher Evaluation Forms

    Link HERE


    Please complete your SFM training. Here is the link:

    OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE October 2-6, 2017


    • Office Open
    • Mary at Early Principal's Workshop
    • Office Open
    • 7:30 Staff Meeting
    • Twins v. Yankees Wildcard Playoff- Wear Twins Gear
    • Office Open
    • 9:30 PreK-3 Admin Meeting
    • Office Open
    • 7:30 PLC Meeting
    • CherryDale Fundraiser Ends
    • Office Open
    • District Staff Development Meeting 7:00 Board Room


    District Level

    RtI (Response to Intervention)CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
    • Referendum: Keep technology current, ensure career and college readiness, enhance communication tools
    • More information October 16 Faculty Meeting

    Report Card

    PreK-3 Alignment

    Teacher Evaluation

    Building Level

    Staff Meeting

    • Meeting 10/3 at 7:30 in library
    • Meeting 10/11 2:50 in library
    • Meeting 10/25 2:50 in library
    • Meeting 10/24 2:50 in library

    Upcoming Important Dates

    10/5: CherryDale Fundraiser orders due

    10/10: 5th Grade Kindness Retreat with Discovery Elementary

    10/12: Picture Retakes

    10/13: 3 Hour Early Dismissal

    • 12:15-1:15 Wonders Pilot Training A134HS
    • 1:15-3:15 Wonders Presentation K-5 HS Auditorium

    10/18: SLG, PGP Due

    10/19: NO SCHOOL - MEA Break

    10/20: NO SCHOOL - MEA Break

    10/23-27: Orton-Gillingham Training