Husky Weekly

Hillandale Elementary School

January 9th- January 13th

Teacher Workdays on January 16th and 17th

Bradley Message

Husky Families,

I hope everyone had a nice restful break, and our first week back was so good. It is always exciting to get back to learning and being together. Our second graders started their Safety Around Water lessons at the YMCA and will continue for the next two weeks. Also, our 3rd thru 5th graders will take their state check-ins for the middle of the year. I am excited for another special week of learning and growing!

Go Huskies!!!

Upcoming Events and Activities


Jan. 8- Board Meeting - 4:00

Jan. 9- 3rd thru 5th Grade ELA Check-in

Jan. 11- 3rd-5th Grade Math Check-in

Jan. 26th- Principal and Parent Advisory Council

Event/Activities Information

Jan. 26th @ 6:00pm- Our next principal and parent advisory meeting will be on Thursday the 26th. We welcome all families and parents that want to join and give input to things happening at Hillandale Elementary.