Library Use 2012-2013 Karin Ledford, Teacher Librarian



- library books 10,164 were checked out

- textbooks 30,577 were checked out

CLASS VISITS: 515 classes visited receiving librarian instruction.

OPEN LAB VISITS: 4226 times students used the computers on their own time.

LIBRARY PASSES: 416 students visited the library during class time.


ProQuest: An online database providing students with access to magazine and newspaper articles as well as articles from academic journals and encyclopedias.

- accessed 63,058 times

NoodleTools: An online database that teaches students how to create a works cited page, how to create parenthetical citations, and stores bibliographic information for each research project students are working on.

- 4210 projects created


- Research projects by the English department dominated the library for most of the year. New research topics, the addition of NoodleTools database, and the coming of Common Core all relied heavily on teacher-librarian collaboration. Examples of specific librarian instruction provided and/or assisted in the creation of the following:
  • English 9 informational research paper.
  • English 10 persuasive research paper.
  • English 11 historical investigation research paper.
  • NoodleTools and ProQuest instruction to all grades.
  • Book talks for all grades using YouTube videos and librarian commentary.
  • Website evaluation lessons, especially for the 9th grades, was incorporated in all research instruction.
  • Library orientation for all students in 9th grade.

- Additionally, individual classes visited the library to create specialized projects, mostly using web 2.0 technology. Some examples of class visits are as follows:

  • Decades project with the Jazz Dance classes.
  • NoodleTools and Proquest instruction with the Special Education students.
  • Glog creation with special education students, science classes, world language classes, and English classes.
  • Career Exploration units with Introduction to Political Science class.
  • Literature Circles with the Introduction to Political Science class.
  • Health related projects with the health classes and the Students Helping Students group.
  • Government and economics classes using Quizlet as an online study tool.
  • AVID classes visited to receive instruction on Prezi or SlideRocket powerpoints.


This year, professional learning included:

  • participating on a WASC visiting team at James Logan High School in .
  • attending the annual CSLA conference.
  • organizing the professional learning workshops offered for step credit after school.
  • teaching a Google Searching and Google Drive workshop for step credit after school.
  • organizing and co-facilitating our EGUSD librarian Professional Learning Networks that met after school.
  • participating in the Google Search for Educator's webinar.

Goals for the 2013-2014 school year:

  • Increase visibility with the surrounding community specifically with the Sacramento Public Library
  • Continue to be part of the Common Core curriculum steering committee and promote the librarian's role in the success of Common Core Implementation.
  • Develop a district library steering committee.