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  • Alyssa Buratti
  • Ashley Petty
  • Emily Grove
  • Emily Johnson
  • Faith Weeks

Video 1: Meanings Meant to Decieve

"Vintage!" - Mean Girls
Regina George uses prosocial deception to deceive the girl passing by into thinking she is fashionable under Regina's standards, when really she is not. Since Regina is one of the most popular girls in school, this comment goes further to also deceive the girl into thinking she is admired by Regina, thus boosting her spirits.

Video 2: Disconfirming Behavior

In this scene, Gretchen and Karen are portraying disconfirming behavior by telling Regina that she is not welcome at their table due to the fact that she is breaking their clothing guidelines. When Regina tries to explain that sweatpants are all that fits her right now, Gretchen interrupts her by yelling "you can't sit with us". This interaction leads to the bruised self-esteem of Regina and shows that Gretchen and the rest of the gang are not going to acknowledge Regina's presence at the lunch table.

Video 3: Using an Inference

"Planned Parenthood" phone call from Mean Girls (2004)
There are actually a couple inferences made in this clip. One is that the girls infer that Taylor and Jason are going out just because they are together at the mall. The second one is that Taylor's mom infers that her daughter is pregnant because of the phone call made by Regina regarding Planned Parenthood. In both cases they use evidence to conclude that something is happening, when it may not be true.

Assignment 2

Emotional Ineptitude

Emotional Ineptitude is defined as the inability to control your emotions and can cause many outbursts in your behavior. In the comic pictured below the character becomes outraged at his current situation. Instead of maintaining emotional intelligence he resorts to an outburst of anger and inappropriate language. This is a reminder that even when times are tough, it is important to maintain control over your emotions.
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Physical Effects From Emotion

Emotions can effect the body in several ways. They can lead to

general aches and pains, headaches, high blood pressure,

insomnia, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, back pain, chest

pain, dry mouth, change in appetite, sweating, and a fluctuation in

your weight.

Using Emotions Strategically: Regina George

Mean Girls - Fat whore
In this video, Regina George cries and displays extreme emotions when showing her school's principal a "burn book" in which mean comments are made about students. She uses her emotions to appeal to the emotions of the principal in order to get another student in trouble and make it appear as if she herself had not written the book when she was indeed the author. Regina uses her emotions and those of her principal strategically to advance her own agenda.

Emotionally Tone Deaf

In this clip, Regina is being emotionally tone deaf to Karen. When Karen tells Regina she cannot hang out because she is sick, Regina replies with "Boo you whore", rather than being sympathetic towards Karen. Regina is being emotionally tone deaf in this clip by ignoring Karen's situation and is only worried about her own benefit/harm by Karen's sickness.
Mean girls boo you whore

Assignment 3

Backhanded Comment

This video is a great example of backhanded compliments because the girls in the show are complimenting each other while simultaneously highlighting their flaws. While it may seem like the girls are complimenting each other they are actually insulting one another.
Family Guy - women give backstabbing compliments

Graciously Accepting a Compliment

The girl with the plaid skirt is flattered that Regina gives her a compliment. She says "thanks!" to show appreciation for the compliment.
"Vintage!" - Mean Girls

Overdisclosing on Social Media

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