A Year In Review


The Top 3 Companies that Marketed Themselves the Best

1. Nike- This year Nike has stepped up their commercial game. The most memorable came from their "Snow Day" one they released during a football game. They included popular athletes playing around on a snow day. The playful nature of the commercial will bring out the child in everyone and inspire them to "Just do it."

2. Apple- For the past few years Apple has been a top contender in technology. They are constantly coming out with new products and "improving" their past products. ( Except their chargers) There commercials and ads make you feel like you are missing out if you don't have the newest installment because they are bigger and brighter than ever.

3. Starbucks- Paired with Ugg boots and sweaters, it's one of the main essentials to becoming a basic white girl. Despite the company being associated with a certain type of person through social media, everyone is secretly a fan of Starbucks. There is just something about it that makes us ignore the high prices and open our hearts and wallets. Maybe its their seasonal drinks that always puts us into a festive mood. Nevertheless, their ads and commercials make us want to enjoy whatever they have to offer.

Best New Products

1. IPhone 6S - "Same frame, but with a better touchscreen." in their ads they acknowledge that their newest model looks just like their previous. However, there are some differences. It's light weight aluminum frame feels better in your hands and makes it less prone to breaking when dropped. Secondly, the quality of the camera is 10x better.

2. MacBook - "Super thin" and "Super light". They removed some of the excess connectors — standard USB, video output, Ethernet, and the MagSafe power port. They left one USB-C port, which handles both power and data connections, which is just fine for most people.

Worst New Products

1. Hover board-


  • You no longer have to walk
  • You can move at 10 miles per hour
  • You can say you have a hoverboard


  • You no longer have to walk
  • Less friction causes people to fall
  • Difficult to control
  • Can cause fires if not properly handled
  • Expensive

2. Apple Pencil- You are paying on average $100 dollars on top of buying an IPad Pro. If you are not an artist it's not worth buying.

Top 2 Movies that were released in 2015

Star wars- Marketed towards older and younger people by building upon the old movies and but still incorporating new characters. They showed a lot of their ads on

children TV show networks and produced mass merchandise to sell.

Creed- They played off the previous Rocky movies by having similar scenes and they included Sylvester Stallone as the protagonist's trainer. They also incorporated lot of Philadelphia's culture and history, setting the scenes in the neighborhood.

Top 2 Music Artist of 2015

Taylor Swift- She was active on social media promoting her concert and album release dates. She relies on her dedicated fan base to also market her music through hashtags and post. Also in some of her music videos she used celebrities and her friends which helped to increase her views. She made her music relatable, as she wrote her songs based off her past relationship's trials and triumphs.

Drake- Active on social media, constantly promoting not only himself but other artist and actors . He also did a lot of collaborations this year with other artist, not only releasing his solo album but one with Future. Due to his heavy social media presence, many memes were made surrounding his music videos, especially "Hotline Bling."

Top 10 Most Mentioned Artist

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. One Direction
  4. Adele
  5. Drake

New Years Resolution

Personal Improvement

*Take better care of myself

1. Eat Healthier

2. Sleep More

Family and Friends

* Spend more time with family and friends

School and Outside World

* Stop Procrastinating

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