Welcome back to PK3.3

11th - 13th November

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our new student Rodrigo!

I hope you all had a restful break with family and friends. It was wonderful to see how excited the children were see each other again and how well they got back into class routines.

We had a new student join us this week so please say a big "Hello!" to Rodrigo if you are passing by our classroom.

Did you use a box today?

This week we began our new study unit about BOXES. We have already collected a few different boxes but we need more! Please send different types of boxes from home so the children can continue their explorations.

On Wednesday I asked the children "did you use a box today?" After some pondering they shared that their breakfast cereal came from a box, their juice for snack was in a box and some even used a box to clean up their toys!

We spent some time examining our box collection and asked another question "what do you notice about these boxes?" Some children noticed they had a lot of sides; we counted them together and talked about how each side is called a FACE because it’s the part that faces out. Other children commented on the CORNERS, so we explained that is the point where the faces meet on a box.

Rain never stops play in PK!

A rainy recess gives us the opportunity to get creative. Together we drew with chalks, made telephones and built amazing structures using our imaginations.

We have watermelons in the garden!

Our garden really grew during the break. The children were super excited to see how big the watermelons had grown and were ready to picked, Our Papaya tree has lots more fruit growing and PK3.3 spent some time watering the tomatoes, peppers, green beans and cilantro they are growing.

Box exploration

We continued our exploration of BOXES and introduced a new vocabulary word CUBE. Using our boxes we looked to see which ones had sides all exactly the same size. This led to a great discussion on shapes, how many sides and also noticing our friends letters as we wrote things down.

Number connections

Using number cards, dice and counting cubes we have been building our number skills as we identify and quantify numbers. WE ARE LEARNING NUMBERS!

COMING UP.......

ISP is very excited to present BEAUTY AND THE BEAST . Next week middle and high school students will be performing this beautiful musical in the PAC. We would LOVE to have lots of elementary families in attendance, please see below for details of times and tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

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