Best Nerf Shotguns

Nerf Shotguns Review

Best Nerf Shotguns to Play Nerf Wars:

Every child is hero in his nerf game. Therefore the child wants a powerful nerf gun to fight and win the nerf battle. Nerf Shotgun is the best weapon for any child to give great performance in the battlefield. Nerf Wars are often played among group of kids. The child who shoots all the enemies and remains safe from others' gunshots is the winner.

Small Nerf Wars are played indoor with regular nerf guns and pistols. But elder kids play Big Nerf Wars at outdoor places. Therefore they need powerful nerf shotguns to fight with other players. Hasbro Inc. has manufactured many nerf shotguns which can be used in outdoor nerf war games.

What is Nerf Shotgun?

Nerf Shotgun is a toy gun to fire darts using your shoulder. Nerf Shotgun is larger than regular blasters, so you need to hold it with two hands. Nerf Shotguns are designed for firing small shots at short range.

Best Nerf Shotgun Review

Every child has different choice in nerf gun. Therefore Nerf Shotguns are also made with different features and abilities. You should check each shotgun's review before buying an nerf shotgun for yourself or your child. Here we provide some powerful nerf shotguns reviews in detail.

01. Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

Nerf Retaliator is a customizable shotgun for short and long range shots. The blaster contains 12 Elite Darts and a dart clip to hold all darts at once. It also has removable stock and barrel extension to improve performance of the blaster. The barrel extension has tactical rails on top and bottom, so you can add nerf accessories. With Nerf Retaliator Shotgun, you can fire the darts at your target up to 90 feet distance.

02. Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster

Nerf Sledgefire Blaster is a powerful nerf shotgun. It can fire three darts in one shot. This blaster has a dart storage on back and three dart shells. The blaster package includes 9 zombie strike darts. You can load 3 darts in one shell and then load the shell into blaster. The back storage is useful to store extra darts in nerf mission.

03. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Nerf Modulus Blaster is a flexible and fully motorized nerf shotgun. It comes with 10 darts and a banana clip. You can remove the clip to load the darts into blaster. The blaster also contains dual rail barrel, targeting scope and drop grip. You can create more than 30 combinations with Nerf Modulus Blaster and shoot your enemy at 90 feet away.

04. Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster

Nerf RotoFury Blaster is a mega shotgun with mega darts. The blaster includes 10 mega darts that make whistle noise when fired. You can fire 10 mega darts back to back with slam fire action mode. It is capable to shoot the target at the distance of 90 feet. Just pump the handle back & forth and pull the trigger to fire one mega dart. If you wish to fire mega darts in a row then hold down the trigger and keep pumping the handle.

From nerf shotgun review given above, you can now decide which Nerf Shotgun is best for you.