The UCalgary Student Caller & Researcher Connection F16 V4

October 7, 2016

Happy Friday SCP!

What an eventful and informative week it has been with Faculty visits! Already for the month of October we have raised $650! This includes three different monthly donations and multiple pledges from new callers. Well done!!!

In this edition:

  • Weekly Recognition Board: Sept 23 - Oct 6
  • Representative of the Month
  • Faculty Visits
  • Update to your Scripts
  • Oct 11-23 Shift Schedule
  • October Calendar
  • Katie's Weekly Wonders
  • From one Foodie to the Next (NEW!)
  • Did You Know About This? (NEW!)

Weekly Recognition Board

We are very excited to recognize your achievements! These weekly updates shine a light on our top achievers across four areas and are counted with a minimum of 2 pledges and a minimum 50% CC rate. Congratulations to the following Callers on a great week! If you see your name on the Leaderboard, think of some good tips or strategies to share with your peers during Pre-Call next week. These results reflect caller achievements between Friday, Sept. 23 to Thursday October 6:
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Representative of The Month

We are so excited to announce our very first Representative of the Month! Thanks to everyone who put forward their nominations over the past two weeks. Please congratulate… CARRIE!
  • She is awarded Representative of the Month thanks to her peers who recognized her for being super awesome and consistent with her calls! Carrie sounds very clear and concise on the phone, engaging them, and also handles objections and difficult calls in a very kind manner. Many agreed that she brings a fun attitude to work every day. Her bubbly persona fills the space around her and she is just a great person to be around. This comes out in the polite and positive way she interacts with alumni. Outside of work, Carrie makes an effort to talk to everyone and is very outgoing and honest while being able to share laughs with everyone! Congratulations Carrie!

Honourable nominees

  • Israa – she is very professional on calls! Her talking points are very interesting and engaging and flows nicely. Israa puts a lot of effort getting to know prospects. She had an awesome donation when we were just getting back into calling and always brings a rad attitude to work every shift! It’s great working with her!
  • Usamah – He is attentive and diligent when it comes to engaging with the prospects, is always willing to ask questions when unsure, and is very invested in acquiring donations! Usamah has done a fantastic job jumping into calls, having really awesome conversations and shows so much kindness and persistence over the phone! Even though he has only been calling for a short time, he shows a lot of confidence on the phone and is very friendly! Keep up the great work!
  • David – he always comes to work with a positive attitude, is very friendly to all the callers and prospects he speaks to! David is very professional when working and very personable with co-workers. He is able to speak very calmly and can carry conversations with ease!

Faculty Visits

This week we had the Dean of Nursing and the Dean of Social Work at the SCP! If you missed the presentations earlier this week, here are the videos:

Dean of Nursing

We had the Dean of Nursing, Dianne Tapp, come to the SCP on October 3rd. She shared about many different initiatives that the faculty is taking on. They are working very hard to engage with their alumni by offering informative breakfast lecture series, as well as dinners to allow alumni to meet with the Dean and an opportunity to reconnect with their peers! Dinner with the Dean will be hosted in Medicine Hat on October 18.

Dean of Social Work

It was a pleasure to have Jackie Sieppert come and present to us about the work his faculty is doing to connect with their Alumni. He made us aware of how the funds raised are supporting research to ending issues such as family violence, child abuse, ending homelessness, etc. Their funds raised also support many mature students who back to school to study Social Work through scholarships and bursaries. October 21 and 22 will be their faculty anniversary event.

Upcoming Visits

  • Tuesday October 11 – Faculty of Arts. Please arrive by 5:40 PM!
  • Friday October 21 – Legacy Giving Presentation. Due to a Stamps game, we will begin Friday's shift and presentation at 4:30 pm and end at 7!

Update to your Scripts

As you know, we are always working to enhance your script guideline. We will be sending out a survey next week to gather feedback about what works, what doesn't work and new ideas to help us improve the script for your use.

For now however, we want to share a quick addition to the script regarding CHECK PLEDGES. If the donor still declines to give on credit card after you have assured them with our "credit card combat", please say the following:

4. If check is still preferred:
I would be happy to set up a confirmation package for the amount of $_____ to the ______ fund that will be mailed out to you within one week. Please wait a moment while I call my supervisor to verify your pledge information. (Call a supervisor over to confirm the check pledge details. FYI a thank you email will first go out to the donor to acknowledge their gift and will include a brief video message from the student caller they spoke with (optional). The confirmation letter will be printed the next day and will be brought to the caller to be signed. The donor will receive this in the mail within 2 weeks.)

5. If the donor wants to give a monthly gift on check package, say:

Thank you so much for your generosity! To keep our mailing costs down and help put your dollars to work right away, we are unable to send a monthly pledge letter for donations made on check. Due to the volume of gifts being processed, our team is unable to handle post-dated checks. We will send you a pledge confirmation letter that you may fill out with your information pre-authorizing our gift processing team to ensure your monthly payments are conveniently handled each month. How does that sound?

October 11-23 Schedule


Friday October 14 is a day shift, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Friday October 21 shift has been moved up early, 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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October Calendar

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Katie's Weekly Wonders

Here are five interesting facts from Katie Hendrickson:

  1. The keyboard was originally placed in alphabetical order on manual typewriters however as people began to type faster the mechanical arms got tangled up. To prevent this the keys were randomly positioned to slow down typing and prevent key jams.
  2. About 68.7% of Earth’s freshwater is held in ice caps and glaciers. 1.7% is held in snow.
  3. The holes in crackers actually have strategic placing. If the holes are too close together the cracker will end up being extra dry and hard from too much steam escaping. If the holes are too far apart parts of the cracker will rise to form bubbles.
  4. To be able to escape the Earth’s gravity you need to be travelling at a speed of at least 7 miles per second which is 25,000 miles per hour. The average cost to launch a space ship, with this speed, is $1.5 billion USD.
  5. The Canadian penny when still in circulation was actually only 4.5% copper. The penny consisted of a 94% steel and 1.5% nickel composition with a copper plating. The American penny is 97.5% zinc with a 2.5% copper plating.

From one Foodie to the Next

Hungry? Tired of going to the same restaurants all the time? Feeling adventurous and wanting to try something new but have no clue where to start? We've got you covered! Every week we will have recommendations on yummy places that we would highly recommend visiting! Let us know what you think! And email scp@ucalgary.ca for places you want to suggest. Enjoy! :)

Busola's Pick:

Place: Nho Saigon

Type: Vietnamese

Where: 2111 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1Z7

When: Monday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: 12pm to 8pm

Favourite dish to get: (Pictured) Chicken in Peanut Sate Rice Noodle Soup (decently spicy!) OR Medium Rare Beef in Rice Noodle Soup

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Did you know about this?

This will be a weekly segment where anyone at the SCP can share something about themselves, or share something they want advertised such as any club events, concerts, recipes they made, etc! Email scp@ucalgary.ca to be featured in the next Smore!

Did you know . . .

Two of your fellow coworkers are part of the Scribe and Muse English Club on campus (Anissa, Co-President & Katie, VP Finance)! Here are a couple of cool events the club is hosting open to everyone.

  • Scribe and Muse Games Night - October 13th at 6pm-9pm
    Come join us in the Clubs Boardroom for pizza, pop, and board games! Bring your favorite games or choose from the ones we have. For more info, click here.
  • Scribe and Muse Pub Night - October 17th at 7pm
    Come join us at Kilkenny Irish Pub to share some drinks, food, and conversation. For more info, click here.

Entrance to either event is $5 and pays for a year-long membership. Members get in for free. Hope to see many there. :) - Anissa

Did you know . . .

The micro store in the U of C bookstore gives students a discounted rate on printer ink cartridge refills. They can be as cheap as $9.99 per fill! - Laura

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions?

Daria and Busola would like to try and make this weekly communications work for you! What would you like to see in your End of Week email? Send your ideas to scp@ucalgary.ca!

Thanks for reading!!