Word Press


What is Word Press?

Word Press is a Web 2.0 tool used to create websites. It is a user-friendly tool, with a soft learning curve for the average user. A generic website can be created within 15 to 60 minutes. Information can be added and deleted and the user has total control over the content of the website. The tool is free for the basic package.

Word Press can be used for any content area, but I believe that it could be particularly useful for a classroom teacher. Additional plug-ins can be downloaded and added to the website to create a more customized and diverse website. There are over 25,000 plug-ins available.

Word Press Web 2.0 Tool Categories:

Word Press can be used in the following ways:

  1. Collaboration: Teachers can create the website and add certain plug-ins that allow students and teachers to be involved in collaborative discussions.
  2. Communication: Teachers can use their Word Press website to effectively communicate pertinent information to students and parents.
  3. Creativity: Teachers could give students the opportunity to use Word Press to create their own website, which explores their creative side.
  4. Feedback: Teachers can use their Word Press website to provide students and parents with feedback from daily lessons to individual feedback through a messaging plug-in.
  5. Productivity: Teachers can increase their productivity by having one central location (the Word Press website) where all classroom information is posted, as well as a current classroom calendar and assignment details.
  6. Reflection: Teachers can use their Word Press websites to reflect on daily activities and allow students and parents to reflect through discussion boards.

PROS of Word Press

  • Easy to Use // Simple
  • Free (Basic Package is No Cost)
  • Convenient

Cons of Word Press

  • Security (easy for hackers to get to)
  • Amateur websites // Lack of diversity (This may not be a con for a classroom teacher who is new to websites, but could be for the more advanced user).
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By: Betsy Bryan