Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Use this site as a DAILY summer resource!

Third Grade Teachers

We are so anxious to meet and get to know each and every one of you. While we have yet to learn your names, we thought we'd let you know ours! We are the 3rd Grade Teachers, Mrs. Witnauer, Mrs. Gutowski and Mrs. Gordon. We can't wait to meet you!

It's SO important to keep your skills fresh!

We've talked to your 2nd Grade teachers and they tell us of the awesome growth you have made! In order to not slide back any, the following three sites will provide great opportunities to practice your skills:

Math Reinforcement

This summer, focus on addition, subtraction, telling time and counting money. These are areas that will support just about EVERYTHING we do learn in third grade! Being fluent in these concepts will ensure great Math success.
If you were in Mrs. Kish's class, then you are familiar with Splash Math. Use the link below to have fun! (If you have not used Splash Math in the past, you can now. Your username is : and your password is: )
If you were in Miss Stokfisz's room for second grade, you have used Moby Max. Use the link below to access your account. (If you have no used Moby Max before, the good news is that you now have an account! Your username is: _______________________ and your password is: ___________________) HAVE FUN!

Reading Reinforcement

To prevent the "summer slide" (it DOES exist and we need to lessen the slide!), check out the following sites to get excited about reading!


Your First THIRD GRADE assignment

You can access the first 100 words we will be making sure we know how to spell by clicking on the link below. Once there you'll see that the 100 words have been broken into two word lists. You can use the link to play games, take practice spelling tests, and wow your new teacher with your spelling ability in September!