Monday Message

Week of February 25th - March 1st

It's Almost March!

We enter the month of March on Friday....time is flying by! Here is a look at our week:

Our Week At A Glance....

Monday, February 25th:

Kelly & Traci at Rally Day in Austin

Tuesday, February 26th:

8:45 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

12:00 Vendor Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

2:15 IEP Meeting (Kelly)

3:15 Faculty Meeting - Library

7:30 Honor Choir Performance - LHS

Wednesday, February 27th:

8:00-4:30 PrIncipal Meeting (Kelly)

10:30 RTI Meeting (Traci)

2:15 LEAD Mid-Year (Traci)

Thursday, February 28th:

8:30 - 11:30 Mid-Year Evaluation (Kelly)

9:00 -12:00 STAAR Training (Traci)

12:30 Speech IEP Meeting (Kelly)

2:10 RTI Meeting (Traci)

Friday, March 1st:

*Dr. Seuss Day*

*Starfish Cafe Sale Day - 10:30-2:00*

7:45 Morning Assembly

1:00 LEAD Mid-Year (Kelly)

Something To Inspire

Something To Make Us Think.....

The Halls of OSE

Just A Reminder..... you are preparing your boards for Open House, make sure you are hanging a background and border even if student work will be covering the majority of the board. This makes the work stand out and makes for a more visually appealing display. Remember, this is just another way we "tell our story" parents, visitors, and potential students and families who are making a decision between us and a private and/or charter school.

Something To Make Us Laugh....
Have a wonderful week - shine bright!